40' Radical Rush (New 2024)

40' Radical Rush (New 2024)

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The 40' Radical Rush obstacle course is an exhilarating and dynamic adventure experience designed to challenge and entertain participants of all ages. With its vibrant colors and eye-catching design, this inflatable obstacle course features a variety of exciting obstacles climbing walls, slides, and barriers. Participants can race against each other or tackle the course individually, fostering friendly competition and promoting teamwork. 


Why Choose the 40' Radical Rush Obstacle Course?

  • Dual Lane Course for Racing Run

  • Easy Access Entrance Ramp For Safety

  •  Safe Foam Climbing Stairs

  • Easy Climb Area With No Jump Netting

  • Open View, Finger Proof Netting

  • Inflated, Cushioned Sides and Landing Area To Keep Riders Safe

  • Cleaned And Sanitized To Keep Germs Away

  • Commercial Grade Vinyl

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